Blind laughter

In the spirit of furnishing all zero blog followers with a fully functioning blog from the get go, this is the first of my pre-2015 posts noticing a THING which made my day…

In fact, this was the VERY THING that encouraged me to notice more good stuff.

There I was, on the underground – in a busy carriage, standing room only…you know the score…the stuff that all non-Londoners insist on complaining about. The train stops and three adults board – one of whom is a blind lady (the wife and mother of the other two passengers). Good thing number 1: someone immediately stands up to offer her a seat. Unfortunately it was a fold-up seat and it pinged up as she tried to sit on it…causing a rather unfortunate human pile up as she toppled over taking her husband and fellow passengers with her.

images-1We’re British, so all very awkward you would imagine…But she laughed, and laughed and laughed and laughed…in fact for the entire journey, this lovely lady was chuckling and joking about how hopeless she would be without her husband to guide her. Possibly the least fortunate person onboard, she and her husband made jokes at her own expense, and had the entire carriage laughing along with their humour and obvious devotion to each other.

It made my day!


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