In praise of piano playing

The Sunday before work starts again in earnest for the year – and a bit of a nothingy day all in all. Cold and dreary, once I’d been for a run first thing and we’d recycled the Xmas tree, I certainly wasn’t keen to go out again.

images-1But the beauty of time (and feeling it was slipping away) led me to do a bit of piano playing. We have a beautiful (if somewhat out of tune) grand piano sitting in the window at home – on permanent loan through a triumph of happy coincidence. For a not particularly good player, it amazes me how happy playing it makes me – even though every note I play is heard by neighbours/passers-by etc. I’d almost expected to feel too overwhelmed and inhibited to play it when it first arrived, but it soon became one of my very favourite things ever. This year I MUST play it more!


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