Phone a friend

When did you last call a friend for a chat?!

imgres-2Probably many people do it ALL the time…but I don’t. And I’m sure that while loads of us used to spend hours hogging the phone at our parents as teenagers – now we text or email. Certainly while I’m delighted that most of the REAL conversations I have with friends are in person – (or on Skype if they’re overseas), I never ever curl up on the sofa for a good ol’ chinwag on the blower anymore. Communication has become more functional and logistical…

But tonight that changed! My glorious friend Ms Pippa Heath CALLED instead of texting. And I experienced the warm glow of her friendship for a whole hour and 19 minutes. What bliss and how lovely!

She has just returned from an epic hiking trip to South Africa, which in addition to being mightily good for her soul, helped her notice and treasure the value of conversation between human beings. Hence calling.

I’m going to follow her lead (not now…it’s late) – so listen up friends….you might be getting a call from me soon…pop the kettle on in readiness!


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