Lost in translation

imagesHOW many times do we hear comedians and satirists joking or complaining about telephone queuing systems? It’s tedious…we ALL know they are frustrating…

However, if you fancy a giggle – I can highly recommend trying to call the Togo Consulate in Berlin as it’s the thing I found most funny today!  I’ve written what happens as a little play..so you don’t even need to ring them…you can just act this out with a friend…

English caller (C) rings Togo Embassy (T).

Automated message (in heavy French accent): mercu d’appeler le consulat Togo. Pour parlez a quelqu’un en Francais, composez l’un (1).

Automated message continues (in strict sounding German): Danke fur Ihren Anruf die Togo Consulat. Mit Jemamdem in Deutsch zu sprechen, wahlen sie zwei (2).

Automated message goes on (in SUPER posh English): Thank you for calling the Togo Consulate. To speak to somebody in English, please dial three (3).

English Caller (C), presses button number three on their phone

T: Bonjour!

C: Ah (flustered)! Non, errrrr, errrrr, Je sis desole! Je nes parle pas Francais. Parlez vous Anglais?

T: Non! Vouz Parlez Francais



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