Hmmmn…only the 9th day of the year and I don’t know what to blog about. Was there a Great Thing today? I fear there was not…oh sigh

imgresSo this is challenging then. It hasn’t been a terrible day, but it has been an odd day. News reports from Paris following the Charlie Hebdo incident, are worrying and pervasive (as they should be). People far more (and less) articulate than me are commenting profusely on everything that surrounds that particular tragedy and this isn’t the place for that…but I wonder whether the sheer awfulness of the last few days in the world, is colouring my ability to notice something small, and wonderful and to truly believe it is actually special enough to warrant a mention. At a micro-level, it’s been one of those days for me too. Difficult meetings, tense conversations, annoying hurdles round every corner and nothing being as straightforward as it should be.

So I think today I am going to nominate a PAUSE FOR THOUGHT as my good thing. By pausing to reflect on the day (which I don’t always make time to do), I have drawn two broad conclusions;

1) For the rest of this year…perhaps I need a strategy…a back up Fun Thing I can whip out of my pocket if it feels there isn’t enough joy in my life at any specific moment

2) In such circumstances, I should note down a list of good things about the day even though none of them win the grand prize of being nominated a Great Thing…as perhaps collectively they might.

3) Be clear that not having a Great thing in a day doesn’t have to be wholly negative. On days that aren’t out and out wonderful, I’m still bloomin’ lucky and that’s a good thing in and of itself *

*I know this is a third thing on a list of two – however I believe this at all times, but as I was writing felt it might be worth stating here…just because.


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