Topsy Turvy

imgresAlready I’m learning that the Great Things that happen aren’t always the things I expect them to be.

Today I fully anticipated writing that the highlight of my day would be hanging upside down by my ankles, as after a break of probably ten years, today I started trapezing again.

Or that was the plan anyway. In reality it didn’t pan out that way as I didn’t even get to the class.

A number of reasons – one of which being that work crept into the very first weekend of the year (boo!), so I was running late….another being that when I finally set off, my Sat Nav took me to COMPLETELY the wrong place. By this point I was resigned to being late – but not embarrassingly so…however mostly I didn’t trapeze today because then, out of the blue, Germaine Greer called. Yes really.

We had a very nice chat. Twenty minutes on rainforests, where to live in London and embroidery…

So I could be grumpy about missing my class, but instead I’m choosing to celebrate my natter with one of the major feminist voices of the 21st Century…I’ve been on the receiving end of  worse ‘dog ate my homework’ excuses afterall.


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