Winter run

When the sun shines, and it’s crisp, and I’m in new trainers and shiny silver shorts, its hard to imagine feeling any… err…well. Let’s say MORE WORTHY (rather than better)!

imgres-1I’m not a natural runner…but it’s convenient  and free (and I DO like my new shorts!)  – however there are moments (and I had them today) where I actually think I might, just slightly, begin to get the tiniest inkling of what ‘real’ runners say they love so much about doing it.

Getting into a rhythm, not stopping, realising that a kilometre or two has passed without a pause, not feeling anything ache, maybe singing out loud a little… All of these made my sllightly-later-than-I-intended run today the highlight of my morning.

PS – I’m aware it was possibly more enjoyable than usual thanks to being relatively flat. Living on a hill I’m normally up and down a pretty steep gradient…but the incentive of booking a manicure en route (yes, I stopped for that!) meant I took a different, and easier route.

I think that’s allowed to help make a thing a highlight.


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