In praise of AWESOME

The last thing I did before I fell asleep last night was try to untangle a late night hotel-booking confusion, and sort out some tricky logistics in Ouagadougou on behalf of an artist I’m working with. A right pain.  And not an ideal thing to be doing on a Sunday night  – but this artist is making a difficult work, in extreme conditions, in an insanely busy year, and spending way too much time away from his family in pursuit of his art.

The first thing I learnt this morning was that a composer I’ve worked with had gone and won a Golden Globe for Best Original Soundtrack for ‘The Theory of Everything’.

Now this person might, just occasionally behave like a right royal pain in the backside, but he’s good at what he does, and he won a big prize on an International stage and was gracious about it.

images-1So as I drank my first coffee of the day (always the best) I mused on annoyance versus achievement. It’s very easy to be a little grrrr about annoying things I have to do – or to be very harrumph-y about things people do or say – or, worse to immediately call to hand a negative experience about a person rather than a positive one (even when it’s half disguised as a joke). So this morning I noticed, more than once, just how awesome many of the people I work with are. Not just these two – they just topped and tailed my sleep last night.

Here’s to noticing more AWESOME


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