Pomp and Circumstance

This morning I had an 10am assignation at the House of Lords.imgres-1

And for all of 5 minutes I had a great time.

The sun was shining and I was SO happy to be in London! After a very jolly exchange with security I wandered very slowly up to the Peers Entrance as I found myself behind two pairs of elderly gentlemen (true to stereotype – big bulbous red noses, super plummy accents) – slowly rolling out of taxis, then mumbling and bumbling their snails pace walk into work.

Once inside I was greeted by the receptionist wearing full black tie (did I mention it was morning?!) – who, on giving my name, queried was I ‘Miss or Mrs’ – I replied ‘Ms’ and he carefully wrote down ‘Miss’. Charming.

Everything was very spingly spangly  – but I was too well behaved to take a photo, and anyway was trying to explain my meeting was brief and that  I didn’t need to go through security. Reception man said I had to, someone else said I didn’t and it started getting confusing. The security guard thought I might as well, so took my bag anyway – and had it long enough to find I was carrying a corkscrew (which he found funny).  I wasn’t given the chance to explain why though as my appointment turned up and pulled me backwards out of the security system confirming I really didn’t need to go through it.

Anyway, we all laughed and I was done and out of there within moments – with the lovely outdoor security team all very entertained by how I’d caused momentary chaos. And I had a spring in my step the whole rest of the day.

I don’t believe in the pomp and circumstance of the House of Lords – and as an institution I think it’s highly flawed…BUT there was something rather special and peculiar about being there…and the fact that it and the people in it were SO true to stereotype did really tickle me.


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