Background – don’t ruin my day

2014 was an epic year for me – exhausting in every way…and as it began to draw to a close I found myself increasingly commenting that I needed an outlet to express the various frustrations I felt I was encountering around every corner.

I needed a platform to communicate how ANNOYED, ASTONISHED and often UTTERLY BEMUSED I felt about how just how STUPID people can be, and how my life was being made all the more difficult as a consequence of their ridiculous behaviour/actions/opinions (delete as applicable).  The problem is, of course, that the platforms we (I) currently use to express ourselves (myself) are accessed by all those idiots I wanted to complain about…(you probably DON’T know who you are…)

What’s an irate girl to do?!

So there I was, toying with the idea of anonymous Twitter or Facebook accounts, available to a select few…places I could communicate just how GRRRRR the world can be, when I witnessed something really rather wonderful on the Underground (yes, really…see here!). In a moment of utter joyousness I decided to abandon my search for a way to rant about the world, and instead to find a way to celebrate it…

This blog is my attempt to notice good things in my world, every single day for a whole year.  That’s 365 good things…  Which is a lot.

I promise to have my eyes peeled for awesome stuff at all times – but I will welcome contributions too….so if you spot something wonderful, then why not share it with me?!

Go ahead – MAKE MY DAY!


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